The path to successful corporate governance and sustainable development

International Board of Directors programme for Vietnam Realising the strategic cooperation between SID and VIETSTAR, the SID-VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme for Vietnamese high-level leaders recently took place successfully in Singapore, helps corporate leaders to exchange and learn international experience on corporate governance and improve the Board effectiveness according to the best practices.

Learning international corporate governance experience and improving the Board’s effectiveness according to best practices.

In the context that global business is becoming more and more dynamic and challenging, Boards of Directors and senior leaders of enterprises must always get ready to handle the new challenges, navigate enterprises toward new regulations, especially sustainability regulations, and take responsibility for making corporate strategic decisions.

After more than one year with the best research effort, VietStar Training and Consulting JSC (a leading training and consulting company on corporate governance according to international practices, ESG consulting and sustainable development) and Singapore Institute of Directors (Singapore National Association of Business Directors) have developed the International Boards of Director programme specialised for Vietnamese high-level leaders.

International Board of Directors programme for Vietnam
Mr. Terence Quek – CEO of Singapore Institute of Directors and Ms. Pham Thi Thu Hằng – CEO of VIETSTAR with speakers at the training remark opening

International Board of Directors programme for Vietnam energy sector

From 2nd to 7th October 2023 in Singapore, the first training and field trip of the SID – VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme has been deployed for senior leaders of Vietnam’s energy sector.

Joining the programme, high-level leaders of Vietnam enterprises have learned from experienced Chairmen, CEOs and consultants from such well-known organisations as SID, PwC, Jurong Port, Boardroom Group, Heidrick & Struggles, Diligent Institute NY, USA. In addition, participants also took part in the field trip to Jurong Port, which gathered 92 headquarters of famous oil and gas chemical corporations worldwide, and it is called the “petrochemical capital” of Asia.

Help enterprises with successful strategic planning and shape ESG strategies

In recent years, when sustainability has become a significant interest, in the first part of sharing, Mr. Colin Low, Global Independent Director and chairman of the Audit and Risk Management Committee at AET Tankers, has shared about the global and regional trends of ESG and the crucial role of Board members in creating the differentiation when addressing the challenges related to sustainability. “Managers and Board members should be clear in their Sustainability commitments, evaluate the key role and long-term development of companies, corporations and countries in the context of climate change and increasing demands of stakeholders”, Mr. Colin Low recommended.

Mr. Ooi Boon Hoe, former CEO of Jurong Port Pte Ltd, mentioned “the role of the Boards in developing corporate strategies”. In his sharing, Mr. Ooi Boon Hoe emphasised the critical role of the Boards of Directors in integrating sustainability into company strategies, ensuring successful implementation in the context of a dynamic business.

Especially with the topic “Sustainability Risk Mitigation, opportunities and strategies”, two representatives from PwC company, Ms. Nikki Kemp, senior advisor and Mr. Abhinav Mishra, Regional Director, Financial Services shared that “Enterprises should spend a part of their resources to focus on sustainability activities and what to do to ensure sustainable and green finance toward sustainability development for enterprises.”

International Board of Directors programme for Vietnam
Closing the SID-VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme held from 2-7 October 2023 in Singapore.

SID – VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme: The way forward

SID – VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme provides an extensive knowledge foundation and practical tools and strategies for Boards of Directors and high-level leaders to improve governance effectiveness and successful strategy implementation and ESG strategic planning for their corporates. With the team of experienced international experts and the Advisory Board, including strategic managers and leading experts, the Programme has opened up opportunities for the peer leaders to benchmark and work out the optimal governance methods suitable to the current corporate situation and the orientation of sustainable development.

The success of this SID-VIETSTAR International Board of Directors Programme marks the changing journey of Vietnamese high-level leaders. In the context of increasingly complex global business and moving forward to sustainability, the Programme has equipped the Board members and high-level leaders with how to make optimal decisions to promote strategic growth and sustainability. The knowledge and experience shared and discussed in the Programme benefit the leaders and serve as a foundation for developing future sustainable and responsible corporate governance in Vietnam and the region”, said Ms. Pham Thu Hang, CEO of VietStar.

The next training course in Singapore in February 2024 is expected to continue, bringing in a successful programme where knowledge and experience on effective corporate governance and ESG strategies are shared among peer leaders in Vietnam and Singapore.


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