Improving corporate governance capability for senior leaders of Petrovietnam

VietStar collaborated with Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) held a training course named “Best practices of corporate governance: International experience for State-owned enterprises”for senior leaders of the Group on June 25 and 26.

The training course witnessed the presence of Ms. Pham Thu Hang, CEO of VietStar, senior lecturers and speakers who are chairmen and CEOs of large corporations of Singapore such as Temasek Holdings and Jurong Port. Petrovietnam participants included Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong, Chairman of the Board of Members; Mr. Le Manh Hung, Member of the Board of Members, General Director of Petrovietnam; members of the Board of Members, Deputy General Directors, heads of departments, Chief of the Office; leaders of member units of Petrovietnam. The training course was held online at Petrovietnam headquarter and more than 30 bridge points at member units.

senior leaders

Training course panorama at Petrovietnam headquarter

The training course is part of the Human Resource Development and Training Plan 2021 and the leadership development plan for Petrovietnam’s management staff at all levels. The lecturers and speakers who are the region’s leading executives and leaders of international corporations exchanged and shared a lot of knowledge and practical experience on important topics related to corporate governance such as improving the performance of the Board of Members, which emphasized the importance of designing the structure and composition for an effective Board of Directors/Board of Members in accordance with current good international practices and establishing criteria of member selection and development for Board of Directors/Board of Members; Corporate Governance – principles, best practices and OECD standards; Value creation – promoting and enhancing the influence of the Board of Members. In particular, the focus was on discussing the detailed contents: promoting the cohesion of Board of Directors/Board of Members and  General Directors, Board of Directors/Board of Members and stakeholders, effectively setting and managing the agenda of the Board of Directors/Board of Members, identifying and increasing the involvement of strategic stakeholders.

senior leaders

Online bridge points

Through lively Q&A exchanges between participants and lecturers/speakers about practical corporate governance experience and international practices in the regional countries and corporate governance models in economic groups in Singapore and other countries in the region, the senior leaders of Petrovietnam and its member units had a clearer view of challenges and opportunities faced by Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries in corporate governance in today’s volatile business environment. Thus, they propose effective methods and solutions to overcome challenges and promptly seize these opportunities.

senior leaders

VietStar’s representative awarded training certificate to a leader of Petrovietnam

senior leaders

Participants of training course

Closing the training course, on behalf of Petrovietnam’s leaders, General Director Le Manh Hung thanked VietStar, lecturers and speakers for sharing useful and practical experiences and lessons, contributing to improving the capability of Petrovietnam’s Board of Members/Board of Directors and leaders of units.

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